Find your ground,
and you’ll find your path.


Focus not on
what it should
have been,
but what it can be.

Does your anxiety seem to take over in the worst possible moments? Do you continue to doubt yourself despite your achievements?

Perhaps you were told as a child you were not good enough. You yearned for acceptance and belonging in your family or friend group, yet you were constantly afraid of disappointing them.

With time, emotional wounds turned into scars, but every now and then you are reminded of the pain you still carry in you. Yet, life happens so quickly you just can’t seem to take time off to care for yourself and regroup. Deep down, beneath your veneer of success, you worry that the moment you slow down, you’ll be left in the dust of this brutal competition of life.

What makes it worse is that it doesn’t seem anyone would understand. You trudge along every day, trying to keep up while carrying a secret burden.

I help people who have trouble fulfilling their potential because of what they’ve long been taught to believe about themselves. Whether you feel stuck at the crossroads of life stages, or are hampered by a traumatic past, I can help you find your self confidence and move forward with clarity and purpose.

In my work, I will help you unpack long held beliefs you learned from your family, culture and society. We will look at unchallenged assumptions you that keep you stuck in unproductive views about yourself. At the same time, you will gain coping skills to keep you grounded as you meet the daily life challenges.

If your past is preventing you from connecting with people in an authentic manner, or if living a busy life has not brought you satisfaction, it’s time to reach out for help. I look forward to hearing from you.